5 Most Rare Watches in the World

Watches have evolved to be more than just tools for tracking trips or checking time. The more luxurious a person’s watch, the higher his status in society.

Here are 5 of the most expensive and rarest watches in the world, as reported by The Richest. Using this watch, of course, proves that you are not just anyone.


1. Graff Diamonds Hallucination

The most expensive item ever to be shown at the Baselworld Exhibition was The Graff Hallucination watch. The timepiece is covered in rare multicolored diamonds and has been described as a “structural masterpiece.”

The stones used for the watch were selected by Mr. Graff over the years and carefully placed, one after another. Not only is it beautiful, its price of up to US $ 55 million makes it one of the most expensive watches in the world.

2. Marie Antoinette’s Pocket Watch

This pocket watch is very intricate and beautiful with 823 parts. Most of the parts of the watch are made of polished pink gold. His past is also very long.

This pocket watch was stolen in 1983 from a museum in Jerusalem, then rediscovered in 2007, reconstructed, and put on display in 2008.

3. Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona

This watch is the highest auction item owned by Paul Newman. At auction in 2017, it took only 12 minutes for the watch to sell to a telephone bidder for US $ 15.5 million.

That figure broke the previous record of $ 11 million held by Patek Phillipe’s watch. The timepiece was originally a gift to Newman from his wife and eventually became the “holy grail” of the watch.

4. Louis Moinet “Meteoris”

Made by Louis Moinet, a company in Switzerland known for their luxury watches, Meterois is one of the best. This US $ 4.6 million watch is so beautiful.

Combined with advanced technology and rare materials, this watch attracts attention with an intricate mechanism that looks like a work of art. What makes this watch different from the rest is the Toubillion Mars disc made of a 180 million year old meteorite, known as Jiddat al Harsis 479.

5. Piaget Emperador Temple

Priced at US $ 3.3 million dollars, this Piaget Emperador Temple watch is truly like a temple studded with diamonds. At least more than 1000 emerald and baguette diamonds and pearls adorn this watch. This makes it so luxurious and shiny.

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